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Many thanks to Luke Justin Roberts for this awesome video!

Check out his music here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC24-J9RaZwe4dhLAW6uhzcw

Follow him on Insta here: https://www.instagram.com/lukejustinroberts/

I am an elementary art teacher and freelance artist. My students’ enthusiasm for the natural world has helped to revitalize my own. I often draw inspiration from photographs I’ve taken at various zoos, parks, and wildlife refuges. When I paint, I am striving to capture the unique personality of each object and creature; some are beautiful, some are strange, and some are beautifully strange. Many artists choose to anthropomorphize animals, but I most enjoy the peculiarities that make them so distinct from humans. I am also happy to do commissions of family pets!


My favorite medium is acrylic, due to its intense color saturation, durability, and drying speed. Each subject dictates the size and configuration of the canvas. My aim is to be bold and gutsy as a painter- in brushwork, composition, and color. I am a very joyful person, so I hope to create joyful art.


In my studio with my green cheek conure, Pippa.

In my studio with my green cheek conure, Pippa.